Cocktail Recipes with Cachaça

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Cachaça is a traditional Brazilian liquor made from fermented sugar cane juice; in a previous article, we were talking about one of the most popular cocktails with Cachaça, the Caipirinha cocktail. However, this liquor is much more popular and there are numerous other recipes just as tasty and interesting. Because it is produced mostly in Brazil, it is sometimes difficult to find it in other parts of the world, but this country’s production is so large that it is one of the biggest industries there. This delicious sugar liquor is also sometimes called aguardente, caninha  or pinga.

Brazilians owe their traditional drink to their colonizers, the Portuguese, who brought in sugar cane from Madeira Island. Thus, the process of fermenting sugar cane has existed in this hot country since the 16th century; there are two versions of Cachaça: the white which is un-aged, and the golden aged one, which is of course much tastier and flavorful. This liquor is so popular that it is even used in Brazilian cooking. As for the cocktails, we are going to show you some of the more interesting ones excepting Caipirinha because we discussed it before.

The first Cachaça cocktail that we want to talk about is the Batida, which in Brazilian means shaken. The ingredients used are: two parts Cachaça, one part fruit juice and one tablespoon of sugar. The ingredients are mixed and then poured into a chilled glass; you can also shake them with ice before pouring, because this is, like the Caipirinha, a refreshing drink made to quench thirst in the middle of hot summers without being too alcoholic. Moreover, the fruit juice is sometimes replaced by coconut milk; outside of Brazil, people sometimes prepare the drink with vodka.

The Caju Amigo, which means Little Cashew, is a shot drink; you can either prepare it by mixing one part Cachaça with one part cashew juice and drinking it straight, or by placing a slice of cashew on your tongue and chasing it with a shot of this sugar cane liquor. Those who also like wine can try the Quentão, which means “hot stuff”. The ingredients you need for this cocktail are:

  • one part Cachaça
  • one part water
  • sugar
  • peels of orange and lime
  • cinnamon, clover and ginger

The sugar, peels and spices must be caramelized together, after which the water and Cachaça are added over them and boiled together. After boiling, the drink is served hot, like a sort of punch; in some regions of Brazil, they replace the sugar cane liquor with wine because it is part of local productions.

Finally, you may like to try Leite de Onça, which means Jaguar Milk; this bad-ass cocktail is made with one part Cachaça, one part coconut liqueur, one part milk and 1/2 part of condensed milk. The condensed milk and the milk must be well mixed together and blended; then you add the Cachaça and let it rest for a few minutes, adding the coconut liqueur just before serving. A garnish of chocolate or cinnamon can be added to this sweet drink.

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