Delicious and Refreshing Beer Cocktails

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Summer is already here and everyone is preparing for outdoor parties, having fun at the beach and fighting the hot sun with cool and refreshing beverages. Everyone knows that one of the best drinks to have in the summer is beer, with is fizziness, its coolness and its diversified tastes. However, in order to take things up a notch, we thought you might like to try something new this year and take a shot at some delicious and easy to prepare beer cocktails.

As you could have seen in our previous articles, beer cocktails are quite fun to prepare, especially when they are drunk as bomb shots, or flaming shots. Cocktails like the Flaming Doctor Pepper, the Irish Car Bomb or the Boilermaker are fun but very potent, so we advise caution and restraint when consuming them. In order to complete the list of beer cocktails, we are going to present you a few recipes that you and your friends will definitely enjoy.

One of the first beer cocktails that we are going to talk about is the U-Boot, a mixed drink which is mostly popular in countries like Germany, Flanders, Poland and Serbia. You take a glass of beer, fill it by half and then drop a shot of vodka with the shot glass in the beer pint. The name of the cocktail is of course inspired by the fact that the vodka is sunk in the beer like a U-Boot submarine sinks in the seas. Sometimes, the vodka is replaced by korn, a German alcohol, or by cognac.

When it comes to talking beer cocktails, few are as strong and interesting as the Sake Bomb; this cocktail is fun to prepare and to drink, and it even has its own little ritual. Much like the cocktails described above, one takes a shot glass of sake and drops it into a glass of beer. In some bars they serve it by balancing the sake shot on two chopsticks placed on the rims of the glass. The drinkers then start banging their fists on the bar, chanting “sake, sake, sake”, until the shot falls in the beer and it is consumed.

The Porchcrawler is another beer cocktail much preferred by North American college students because it is very potent. Usually, it is prepared by mixing beer with vodka, gin, and something to sweeten the deal, like some lemonade. The resulting mix is like a carbonated punch, and those who really want a “punch” can also add whiskey or rum. College students prepare it for their parties in large containers with ice, and everyone gets servings from that. When the Porchcrawler is made with pink lemonade, the drink is named the Pink Panty Dropper, but when you use Sprite and gin instead, you get the Skip and Go Naked.

As you can imagine, these beer cocktails make for one hell of an atmosphere at parties, and they are not very costly either because the primary alcohol volume remains the beer. We wish you a fun, thirst-less summer!

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