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The Appletini Cocktail

The Appletini cocktail is the most popular variation of the Martini, so much so that it even surpassed its predecessor and got to have its own variations made after it; one example is “Rumpletini”, which is made with rum instead of vodka.

The Corpse Reviver Cocktails

The Corpse Reviver cocktail is in fact a family of cocktails prepared with the intention to cure hangovers; these cocktails are not related by ingredients or preparation, but only through name and purpose, and the countless recipes come from countless anonymous bartenders.

The Pegu Club Cocktail

The Pegu Club cocktail is a mixed drink invented in Rangoon, Burma, in the 1920, while the country was part of the British colonies; thus, it was invented at a bar mostly frequented by British officers and officials and other foreigners, which is what made it popular in the rest of the world as well.

Delicious and Refreshing Sour Cocktails

Sour cocktails are very interesting and refreshing because they all use in common lime or lemon juice in order to remove some of the harshness of the alcohols used in them; speaking of alcohol, the most common types used for sours are whiskey, bourbon, gin and brandy.

The B-52 Cocktail

For wild and dynamic parties the B-52 cocktail is perfect, and especially its flaming variation; moreover, this drink is fun to prepare because it has to end up in different-colored layers in the end, with the coffee liqueur at the bottom, the Irish cream on top and the Cointreau at the surface.

The Margarita Cocktail

The original Margarita cocktail is made using seven parts tequila, four parts Cointreau or some other orange liqueur, and three parts lime juice, but if you want something special you can add pureed fruits like melon or kiwi, or replace the Cointreau with Grand Marnier or blue curaçao and make blue margaritas.

The Sidecar Cocktail

The Sidecar cocktail would be a great addition to any elegant party, but even to an outdoor or girls’ party, because it has a very classy and optimistic look in its cocktail glass with sugared rims and the wonderful orange color given by the triple sec and the lemon or orange rinds that garnish it.