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The “Sex on the Beach” Cocktail

The “Sex on the Beach” cocktail is one of the most notorious cocktails in the world not only because of its name, but also because it is associated with spring break and the wild fun students have on this long vacation in the United States especially.

Delicious and Refreshing Sour Cocktails

Sour cocktails are very interesting and refreshing because they all use in common lime or lemon juice in order to remove some of the harshness of the alcohols used in them; speaking of alcohol, the most common types used for sours are whiskey, bourbon, gin and brandy.

The Mai Tai Cocktail

The name of the Mai Tai cocktail means “very good” in Tahitian and the basic recipe calls for ingredients like white rum, dark rum, orange curaçao, Orgeat syrup and freshly squeezed lime juice; all the ingredients are mixed in a shaker with ice, except the dark rum, which is added lastly in the glass.

The Zombie Cocktail

The Zombie cocktail is one of the few drinks with a rather steady origin and a known inventor, but this inventor was so keen in maintaining his recipe secret and exclusive that he changed it every few years, thus making it impossible for us to know today which the original recipe was.

The Cuba Libre Cocktail

The Cuba Libre cocktail is still one of the most popular mixed drinks in the world, even though it is over 100 years old; while its first inventor isn’t known, the original recipe is, because it only contains three basic ingredients: white rum, coca cola and lime juice in certain parts of the world.