The Hurricane Cocktail

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The Hurricane cocktail is a sweet drink that originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, an area known for its problems with hurricanes, floods and land displacement. This alcoholic drink was reportedly invented by a bartender and bar owner named Pat O’Brien, who needed a quick solution to sell rum, which wasn’t very popular among customers but which he was forced to buy from local distributors if he wanted to get his hands on good alcoholic drinks that were more popular, such as whiskey or scotch.

Thus, in the 1940s, O’Brien came up with the Hurricane cocktail, which he made with rum and some other sweet ingredient like fruit juice, grenadine and syrup. The name was inspired by the type of glass that the drink was served in, which is a larger glass similar to those used for milkshakes. Luckily for this New Orleanian, the drink became popular among sailors and has since then been continually served in the French Quarter, one of the liveliest and most popular neighborhoods in the city.

Another interesting fact related to the Hurricane cocktail is that now it is also often served in a disposable plastic cup, because people are allowed to drink in public in New Orleans. The only restriction is that glass or metal containers are prohibited outside of establishments, so the people who want to stroll from bar to bar can carry their drinks on the streets. This cocktail is also similar with the Daiquiri, which uses rum as the basic ingredient, but adds lime juice and sugar for flavor. There are also variations of the Hurricane, depending on where it is made, and they can use ingredients like Navan liqueur, orange juice, Grand Marnier or Irish cream.

As for the most popular recipe, it usually mentions the usage of one part dark rum, one part white rum, and passion fruit syrup and lime juice. The ingredients are shaken with ice, and then poured into a glass with a few more cubes of ice. The color of the cocktail has to be lively and bright, which is why pink or red juices are generally used. The glass of this drink can be decorated with one or two straws, a Maraschino cherry and a wedge of lemon. This cocktail isn’t difficult to prepare, and there are many recipes out there that you can try until you find the combination that best suits your tastes.

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