The Incredible Hulk Cocktail

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Cocktails are always fun, whether you’re in a bar or at a party; so is the Incredible Hulk cocktail, a mixed drink named after the very famous comic book series because it has the green color of this strange superhero. However, this cocktail is also named the Green Eyed Monster and the Hip and Hen. Many cocktails draw inspiration from actual historical events or from culture, and this mixed drink is no exception. Names like these make the drinks more appealing and spread their popularity among the public.

The Incredible Hulk cocktail, like many others, was especially created in order to promote a new drink; in this case we are talking about the Hpnotiq fruit liqueur. Thus, the drink was invented by bartender Kenneth Surita at Sean Comb’s restaurant in New York, for an event promoting Hpnotiq. Sean Combs is the famous musician and producer also known as Puff Daddy or P. Diddy and his restaurant, Justin’s, was a perfect location for the liqueur’s release. However, one of the bartenders noticed that more women drank the liqueur and men mostly avoided it. It turned out that men considered its blue color to be too effeminate, and they also thought the taste was too sweet. Thus, he had the idea of mixing the Hpnotiq with Hennessy in order to lose some of its sweetness, and the result was a green drink.

Perhaps the name Incredible Hulk cocktail was also given to confer a more masculine character to the drink, but what’s certain is that from that moment on the cocktail caught on and became quite popular. If you want to prepare it yourselves, it is very easy. All you have to do is add equal parts of Hpnotiq and cognac and stir them together in a cocktail glass with ice. Nevertheless, there are several variations of the cocktail, so you may be served different recipes in different locations, sometimes in different glass types as well.

The name of this cocktail really served to make it popular, so much so that it was even referenced in various movies or television series. One of them was in the hilarious animated series called The Boondocks, in the episode named The Story of Thugnificent, which parodies lives of rappers and hip hop artists. The name even went on to be used for cocktails that have nothing to do with the original one. Thus, in Northern England, an Incredible Hulk cocktail is made with WKD Blue, Red Bull and vodka, and it is apparently used in drinking competitions where the winner is the first one to require medical attention.

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