The Michelada Cocktail

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The Michelada cocktail is a beer cocktail originating in Mexico; there, they call it Mexican cerveza preparada, meaning “prepared beer”. There is no one recipe to prepare this mixed drink, and there are numerous variations in both Mexico and Latin America. Generally, it is prepared by mixing the beer with lime juice and all sorts of assorted sauces, spices and peppers, which are usually hot.

In that, the Michelada cocktail is similar with the Bloody Mary, only here the primary alcohol volume is given by the beer and not the vodka. People drink Michelada traditionally, and some even consider it to be a good cure for hangovers; however, combating hangovers with alcohol is a general misconception around the world and there are no actual proofs of its success. Like we were saying before, the way this cocktail is prepared depends on the region where it is consumed, or on what the person drinking it prefers.

One of the popular variations of the the Michelada cocktail is prepared using lime, hot sauces, chili slices and salt. Other ingredients that you can use in order to prepare your beer cocktail are teriyaki sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, Chamoy powder, Maggi, Clamato, serrano peppers, orange slices, tomato juice and so on. Basically this means that you can prepare the cocktail however you like, combining spices and ingredients according to your own tastes. Another popular version of the cocktail is called the Michelada Clamato, and it is made with clam sauce and tomato juice; similarly, you can prepare a simple Chelada just by adding lime and sea salt in the beer. The Cubana Michelada contains chile, salt, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce.

If you go to Mexico or some other Latino-American country and wish to serve a Michelada, we advise you to ask how it is made first; otherwise you may discover that it is too spicy for you, or you will just get the opportunity between several ways of preparation.

As for the origins of the Michelada cocktail, one of the more popular stories claim it was sort of invented by Michel Esper at the Club Deportivo Potosino from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. At the club, Michel would reportedly only drink his beer mixed with salt, lime and ice, and he would sip it through a straw. Other club members got intrigued and started requesting this “Michel’s lemonade” for themselves; eventually the name caught on and was simplified to Michelada. Another explanation for the name could be the expression mi chela helada, which means “my cold beer” in slang.

Finally, for those who want to prepare the Michelada cocktail, know that usually it is prepared in a pint glass whose rims are covered in salt, or in chili powder and ice. The garnish can be a slice of lime or lemon.

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